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Every client has different requirements, different systems, users, networks, databases, the works.  It really is important to determine what you have already and what you might need to move forward with such an important purchase.

Let’s start with easy.  There’s one of you and all you want is a desktop version of the sales module of Salesnav.  That’s easy, $249, everything you need.  Unfortunately, that’s a very rare thing at Phillips Software.  Salesnav and Webnav are meant for a bustling, high end sales force.  Let’s take another look, say, you have 5 users, all desktop in a single location.  Then you’d need a 5 user license. You might need some help with the installation but it’s pretty well documented.  5 Users desktop only is $999, 10 users is $1499, 20 is $1999, and 50 user is $3499.  Call us for pricing on higher numbers of users.  In our experience, each site will probably need a different size license.  That’s a simple look at desktop Salesnav and assumes you are going to be using remote site synchronization to tie the sites together and you are not going to be using Microsoft SQL or some other database yet.

Go here to see the different types of licenses available.

Now let’s add SQL into the mix.  First, do you have SQL server already we can use?  There are performance issues if you have too many departments or too many servers on the same system, especially if it’s required to do other services within your company.  Let’s discuss that.  We don’t sell Microsoft products but we can assist you in determining what you need.  And remember there is SQL Express which may work well for a small number of users.  The thing is, you need database drivers.  You see, the standard version of Salesnav and Webnav come with a FREE database.  That’s great if you are just starting out and don’t already have a high number of records.  The system will handle close to 300,000 note records fairly well (roughly 50,000 companies) and for most mid-size companies, that will last a few years.  Once you approach the limits, there’s a number of archiving tools that can buy you some time, but you’ll need to consider moving to a database that can handle whatever you throw at it.  That’s why we highly suggest Microsoft SQL and all of our clients at this time have gone this way.  MSSQL easily handles millions of records with not a lot of performance issues.  We have two kinds of drivers available.  It’s a simple conversion of data and your custom reports to move to SQL and it can usually be done overnight.  DataAccess has their own “Connectivity Kit” for SQL, but we prefer MertechData for it’s performance plus it has been around longer and uses Microsoft native SQL drivers.  It’s fast.  Call us for pricing on SQL drivers and/or connectivity kits.

Ok, so we have only talked about desktop Salesnav so far.  What about if you want WebNav only? Then you’ll only want to use Salesnav desktop for administrative tasks at your corporate office like territory reassignments, search and replace, importing and the like.  Now this is all completely different.  It will be a hybrid.  Now you’ll need at least a Microsoft Server 2008R2 with IIS7 WebServer running. Sometimes, depending on the number of users, we suggest using two servers, one for the data, one for WebNav. There may be cases where there are many, many users, where we use several servers to share the load. We’ll need a few desktop licenses for the administrative tasks for IT and sales support and you’ll need either a WebNav Lite license or a user count license or better yet a full site license based on the number of actual applications you’ll be running which is one in this case.  A full site license for WebNav is $3895 and we’ll provide everything you need.  Next, we need to talk about support.  All the runtimes have a yearly license requirement that is optional but highly recommended.  And do you want to host the server at your site or do you want us to run it?  How much help do you want with the day to day shuffling and maintenance of accounts, what about a help desk?  What can your own internal IT department handle when it comes to supporting your sales team?  How about customizations? We figure there’s going to be a few of those and we’ll include those as part of the implementation, but sometimes, there’s more than we can include no charge.  We can usually install everything you need from here, but that’s not always the case.  Do we need a visit? How about training?  There are so many questions and variables that need to be answered.

Hopefully you see how complicated it can be figuring out what’s works best for both of us to ensure your site is never down, your reps are always working, and you’re getting the most out of a truly innovative, high end, sales force, sales management suite of tools designed to significantly increase your bottom line. Call 805-434-1111 and talk to our knowledgeable engineers about your needs now and into the future.  I hope the pricing we have quoted is enough for you to at least get a pretty good idea if there’s a fit between us.  Let’s talk soon.


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