Sales Navigator v15.5 Update     

Instructions for v15.1 Upgrade               Watch This Video Instruction Guide!
Notice: if you are currently on our subscription service, this upgrade will update your system without any problems.  If you are not, this upgrade MAY bring your system down.  DO NOT attempt this upgrade if you are unsure of your status.  Please call 7-4 PST if you have any questions at 805-434-1111.  Please do not attempt this upgrade after hours or on weekends as we may not be around when you need us.

  1. Logout of Sales Navigator, then run one last remote update to make sure your current if you have the remote synchronization feature.  On a network, ALL users must exit.
  2. MAKE A BACKUP FIRST, run your full backup, click on START, then programs, then Sales Navigator, then backup.  Phillips Software is not responsible for data that gets overwritten due to ANY situation.  You ARE responsible for your own data.  This upgrade will NOT overwrite any existing data by design, but a backup MUST be done first before continuing.
  3. Click here Salesnav040710.exe and run the program where it is.  If you have hi-speed access, just run it, don't save it.  If you have slow internet access, you can save it to disk first, then run it, just remember where you download the file so you can find it.  This file is 40mb in size, so if your speed is too slow, contact us for a CD.   
  4. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT PATH.  It should be c:\navigate for most of you.  n:\navigate for a network.  Please be aware you only have to run this once on a network for ALL users.
  5. Follow the prompts to complete the installation
  6. Make sure your new version of Sales Navigator launches ok. 
That’s it.  If there's a problem, call me right away at 805-434-1111.


NOTE: In some cases, older systems may not have all the fields in all the files necessary to run the new version of this software.  You may get an error, field out of range when saving a new company.  The system will still operate ok, it just won't save new entries.  Please call as soon as possible.  It's a quick fix.

Release Notes - all items either added or corrected

January 2010
1. F10 Key was saving when no record was showing saving a blank company
2. Totals panel missing in Order Entry module
3. Notes Limit to person button wasn't displaying correctly
4. Person icons in person view not showing
5. Beg of file, End of file, pg-dwn, pg-up icons in major list views added
6. Copy, cut, paste icons added to notes detail
7. MS Word had pathing issues
8. Quickbooks Interface working
9. Address Grabber Interface working
10. Logout message saying program not found fixed
11. Login message saying user counts exceeded fixed
12. Couldn't edit products even with system admin rights
13. Auto-close of restore registry feature added
14. County field added back to address front panel
15. Couldn't select printer in SNReports
16. if only one line in order entry lines added, wasn't displaying properly
17. Option added in preferences, set defaults to turn off auto action items and notes for sales cycles
18. Save button enables to always be enabled
19. Special versions of all login programs to auto launch remote update
20. Remote update now capable of minimizing automatically to systray
21. Notes Detail and summary areas, reordered buttons so most used on top
22. Proposals weren't displaying right
23. Notes summary sometimes not displaying
24. Added @CustomSelection capability extending reporting capabilities
25. Title added to person search lists
26. Person name added to person header
27. Browse buttons for all report panels in preferences
28. Advanced Utilities now v15.1
29. Remote Update maintenance now v15.1
30. All utilities and programs v15.1
31. None button is sales cycles set to "none", instead of blank

February 2010
1. Creation of blank companies corrected
2. Warrant Expiration date displayed on front panel as well as warranty panel
3. Biolog Sales Cycle definitions corrected

April 2010
1. Cut, Copy, and Paste in Notes Detail area
2. Navigation icon bar added to all list boxes.  Beg of file, Pg Dn, Prev, Next, Pg Up, and End of file
3. Biolog Sales Cycle definitions corrected
4. All Login Programs modified to launch differently
5. Systray enables Remote Update programs from login screen
6. Corrected problem with proposals traveling with Remote Sync
7. Visit view had problem with which sales manager was receiving notification emails
8. Installs now support Windows 7 and Server 2008
9. Events now fully supported with Remote Sync
10. Events Reporting Panel added
11. Address Grabber fully supported
12. Quickbooks fully supported
13. Builder and File Explorer added
14. All Action Item manager Utilities in Advanced utilities given option to delete or xfer items
15. Support for 2 more indexes in orders
16. F10 was creating blank records 
17. Several searches were creating blank records
18. Terms added to Order Entry
19. Installed date and Phase added to sales History
20. Option to Override Proposals deletion and editing protection
21. Latest Calendar popup added to installation


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