SalesNav v15.1 New Installations
         WebNav, IIS7, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Btreive
         and other databases require assistance, please call 805-434-1111.

Instructions for v15.1 New Installations

Please be aware, if you don't have your license codes before you start, call 805-434-1111
The system will not run at all without a license. 
  We can issue 30 day unlock codes. 

Watch This New Install Installation Video!  more videos below

  1. Click here SalesNav15Full.exe and run the program where it is.  If you have hi-speed access, just run it, don't save it.  If you have slow internet access, you can save it to disk first, then run it, just remember where you download the file so you can find it.  This file is 250mb in size, so if your speed is too slow, contact us for a CD.  Supports Windows 7, 8, and 10 and Server 2008, 2012, 2106 Server, XP, 2000, and Vista
  2. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE CORRECT PATH.  It should be c:\navigate for most of you.  n:\navigate for a network.  If you have a network, we suggest you create an "apps" folder on the server, set that to shared and have users map their "N" drive to that folder.  Watch the video for setting up a network and attaching workstations for additional step by step instructions.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the installation
  4. At the End of the install, it will ask if you want to launch the program, YOU MUST answer YES.  It kicks off the registration and user licensing.  
  5. Make sure both your new SalesNav launches ok. 
  6. Click on Crystal11Setup.exe and run the Crystal 11 setup.  Leave all defaults as they are including which directory to install it in.
  7. Click on Crystal11VDFConnector and run the Crystal 11 VDF Connector installation.  Leave all defaults as they are including which directory and whether updates should not be installed.  Disregard the licensing at the end.  It's already licensed.  You should be good to go.

Watch This Reporting System Installation Video! 

That’s it.  If you have any problems, call us right away at 805-434-1111.

15.1 Network Workstation Installation
Here's the latest Workstation Installation supporting Windows 7 and Server 2008, XP, 2000, 2003 Server, and Vista


Watch This Server Setup Installation Video!
Watch This Creating Network Users Installation Video!
Watch This Network Workstation Installation Video!

Choose one or the other below

15.5 Cumulative Upgrade Installation

Watch This Cumulative Upgrade Video!

Additional Programs and options

Quickbook Installation Files








QBFC6Installer.exe(Use for v7 too)



AddressGrabber Installation Files





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